Monday, August 12, 2013

Math Class Free

I recently released an app called Math Class that I developed to help coax my daughters into studying their math.  One of my main objectives was to have it work verbally, visually, or both to help quiz them.  Without delay I wrote the program up and everything went without a hitch, until after I released it.  That's when my nephew said that he tried it and it doesn't talk.  This can't be, I tried it on a multitude of devices from every OS version and they all worked..  Hmm, after not much digging I found out that TTS wasn't included on every device below 4.1.  The bummer is that now I am having to spend time adding the ability for users to download TTS if needed.  It is always something isn't it.  Any way, I am working on a making the icon a little more revealing and an update for those that don't have TTS installed.   At any rate, enjoy the app and download Math Class for your Android/Amazon device.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Android Malware Attack

Recently I updated Chrome for my Windows 7 home PC that I develop on and got a little surprise with it.  I can only conclude that downloaded with it was a sneaky little booger called Mobile App Sync.  This appeared cause a malicious app called AppCaster to download to your Android device, which in return opened a portal for all kinds of nasty.  Every time I would plug my phone in and go to sleep, apps would download on their own.  No wonder why it is so hard to get traction faster in the market for small developers when some advertisers are using malware installers to boost their numbers.

So if you see this, delete it with authority unless you enjoy backdoor access to your phone!

Then find this on your PC and delete it.  Just as a side note though, this did not have an uninstall option on it and had to be uninstalled through the windows uninstaller.  Imagine that!