Thursday, December 27, 2012

Increment certain values in an ArrayList.

I needed to add 1 to certain values in an ArrayList and this was the only way I could figure it out easily.

It is basically calling to set q3 at location 1 with the former q3 value +1.  IN this case 6+1=7;

Sunday, December 23, 2012

SQLite Android and Variables

While working on a project I recently realized I was going to have to learn, or try, to save to a database.  I trolled hundreds of samples and examples and after a while got a grasp.  The thing that stumped me hard was if I wanted to implement a variable in the mix, or two, or an ArrayList.

Here is a brief synopsis should you encounter it.

Here  is the easy way to iterate some of a db with a ListArray.  Notice the "  These are the crucial differences from being in sql and not.

Here is the way to update something with a variable.  BOTH ways work, just showing them.  I am basically adding a certain id # and location with the variable and updating it.  In this case TWOS is an integer.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Vector Candle Flame Tutorial (sort of)

Today while tinkering with an app, I really needed a flame with alpha. After snapping a suitable picture I decided to use Fireworks to make one. After the fact I realized it was really very simple. 

 STEP 1: Take 2 circles and draw them. Next shape one like an oblong oval for the main part of the flame. Next, form the bottom to an oval and use the subselection tool form the top of that oval to match the bottom of the top oval.  

STEP 2: Carefully place them together and adjust the gradient and alpha accordingly. 

STEP 3I placed a white square around the wick so you could see the detail.  I basically drew a square and used the reshape area tool to make it kind of rough.  I also added a little texture and adjusted the gradient.  The sort of ember on the top is just a distorted shape I used and added a circle gradient in the center of it.  When you place them all together you have the final product above!