Sunday, January 26, 2014

Google Star Ratings Rant

First of all, thanks to all of those supporting Slot Madness.  Due a growing number of users on my Slot Madness game it was holding a 4.65 star avg on 45 downloads and I was ecstatic.  I am approaching 200 hrs of art, sfx, and coding on it alone.  The app has been played over 170 hours this weekend!  This trumps any of my other apps for sure and only has reported 4 errors total since release and 0 on the current version.  My issue started yesterday until now, I have received 4-1 star ratings, 3-2 star, and 2-3 star ratings.  My beef is that only 1 of these actually left a comment.  I think Google should force you to leave a comment or else the whole review would be null and void.  For app mills that churn out apps with dozens of people working, it probably doesn't phase them, but those of us trying to do it on our own, it just sucks.  I comment on all of my reviews, good or bad because that's what we as developers need to gauge the experience and make it better.  In a world where everything is immediate, it's sad that someone can't take the 30 seconds to leave a written comment for a review of a free app.  It also makes me wonder if since it moved me way up in the search ranks if the bigger companies' don't just have people trash other apps, who knows...

What is a 1 star anyway, in my book if I open the app and it crashes or is unusable, that's probably 1 star.  If I open the game and suck at because I think I should already be in the top ten, that doesn't warrant a 1 star.  Sorry about the rant, just needed to blow some steam off.