Saturday, September 1, 2012

I started last year when I got reeled in by App Inventor.  I spent months learning the ropes and getting the hang of how it worked only to find out the games I was intending to make would make it crash due to their size.....SO, I put on my big boy pants and downloaded Eclipse and the android SDK.  Having originally put a less than adequate game on the market that I stripped down to make work in AI, I started learning.  I now have a HUGE new respect for the most simple games if they are executed well.  I've been working hard trying to polish my code and user interfaces.  I am going to start posting some code for anyone who may need it because I have learned so much from others doing it also.  

Do away with collision double checking on android!


 While working on a game, I realized I have been double checking for collisions against each other for some.  This way is hashed out where they won't double check.
int c=0;

for (int i = 0; i < enumbers; i++) {
for (int e = c; e < enumbers; e++) {blah,blah,}